Aves de Barlovento

Anchored on the edge of the mangroves just beckoned for some exploration with the dinghy penetrating the waterways within the mangroves. And so Andrew and I set out this morning in this uninhabited/able mass of mangrove trees, birds, sand and muck, beautiful don’t get me wrong. We knew it would be shallow but outside this landless forest in the aqua blue calm ocean water were turtles swimming around going about there morning munchies. Once inside the passageways of the mangroves we meandered into shallows where we abandoned our motor, tilted it up and use our oars like canoe paddles and quietly proceeded. Hundreds of birds, thousands if I really started a count, flying all about, roosting, nesting, some with fuzzy chicks and I’m ashamed I can’t tell you what kind of birds. Then there was the unmistakable pelicans dive-bombing about and raising there gullets to slide another one down as if they were toasting – cheers. Around a corner there it was – PINK, long legs, really long neck curved at the top with a big beak – a pink flamingo, that icon at the entrance of so many zoos. There was only one pink one and we just watched, I filmed, patiently waiting for flight without causing it. Got it and I wish I could share it with you but the SAT phone doesn’t carry such megabytes for less than megabucks, so when I get home or should I say back because I feel quite home her on the INNcredible Sea Lodge I’ll share that footage of a pink flamingo in the wild.

Before rowing back out of the mangroves back to the boat, we beached it on a stretch of sand. Andrew went for a walk and came back with three conch, freshly picked from the waters in between some mangrove trees. We’ll be exploring the culinary possibilities of conch soon.

Back on board it was time to pull up chain and anchor and head off to the next fantasy island Aves de Sotavento some 20  miles west. And that meant it was time for the fat lady PUFF to get all poofed out.

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