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INNcredible Sea Lodge Heads South into the Sea of Cortez

Another Summer past, it’s time for the INNcredible Sea Lodge to head South to the Sea of Cortez along the rugged Baja coast.


After an incredibly busy and productive summer, punctuated with several INNcredible adventures out to Catalina Island, it’s time to hoist the sails and slide down the coast of Baja California enroute to our beloved Sea of Cortez.


Before I share my plans for the winter, I must share my amazing close encounter at 75 feet down under. Late September, we grabbed a mooring right next to the iconic Casino building in Avalon on Catalina Island. We were the only boat there right next to the Marine reserve. Suits and tanks on, Brennan and I jumped into amazingly warm water and swam, snorkeling our way to the other end of the Marine reserve before descending. Rumor had it that a couple giant Black Sea Bass hung out way down in the kelp forest and I had never taken the time to investigate.


Brennan and I descended down, weaving our way through a magical kelp forest taking in all the beauty. The water temperature however began plummeting at 40 feet and progressively dropped near 20 degrees by the time we neared the bottom. There was no retreat because the chilling beauty was breathtaking.


There they were, near the base of the kelp ‘trees’, a group of three gigantic Black Sea Bass. Near 6 feet long and who knows how heavy these docile giants were just a few feet below me. Not startled a bit, I’m talking the fish, we just hovered and stared at each other before moving on.


Floating, more like flying, through the kelp forest is an experience like no other. A few kicks away yet another pod of these Black Giants – AMAZING. What else was amazing was the delightful sensation of warmth as we ascended slowly toward the surface back to an INNcredible 74 degrees – that’s water temperature.


Each fall, along with the birds, whales and who knows else, the INNcredible Sea Lodge migrates south along the rugged coast of Baja on its 1200 mile journey down around and up into our winter home of Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. There we can enjoy warm sunny days and cool starry nights and frolic in the crystal clear sea below, swimming, snorkeling and diving. Paddling around in our kayaks opens up our range of exploring the details of this unique interface where the desert meets the sea. Going ashore we can penetrate the desert flora and open up even more discoveries that Nature creates. All the while we’re getting much needed exercise too. Add to all that the abundance of fresh locally grown vegetables, fruits and seafood and life is good here in the Sea of Cortez.


What’s even more incredible is that Diana and I open our hatches so that you can join us on our amazing INNcredible Sea Lodge – a Lagoon 450 catamaran. Take this invite seriously because short of buying your own million dollar luxury catamaran, you will not find a better deal anywhere in the charter world of catamarans. And who knows how many more years we will be exploring the islands and coastline of this Gulf of California so LIVE TODAY for there will not be another one.


Gather 4-6 family members or friends (kids are welcome and thrive) to fill three cabins complete with private bathrooms. There’s nothing more that you need to bring than the clothes on your back, a swimsuit, hat & sunglasses, a good book and maybe a light wetsuit top if you plan to frolic in the water for extended periods like I do. Otherwise we’ve got you covered.


Pick some dates and we’ll talk details to customize your adventure. Five days is a minimum, a week is better but 10 days is best; any longer and you won’t want to leave. Book now for 5 days and we’ll call it 7. Book for 7 days and get an INNcredible 10 days. And to make your travel day more productive we invite you to arrive onboard and spend the night before we even set sail at no extra charge. Need I say, What are you waiting for? Dates available from December 18 through April 5, 2019


ATTENTION CAMP FIRE (or Woolsey Fire) SURVIVORS: If you’ve lost your house or business, an adventure like this would be perfect to de-traumatize and think outside the box and return energized to tackle a new start. Come stay with us for a week or two at HALF our all ready ridiculous charter price.

Captain Fitzwine

INNcredible Sea Lodge anchored in the Sea of Cortez

INNcredible Sea Lodge anchored in the Sea of Cortez

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