Are you ready? Have you reserved your dates? The Sea of Cortez awaits!

With a fabulous 2015 season  full of many visits to Santa Catalina just about over, my focus is now on preparing for another unforgettable winter season exploring the Sea of Cortez. Setting sail in mid-November, the INNcredible Sea Lodge will arrive in La Paz by December 10th ready to begin our adventures of Espiritu Santo, La Partida, Isla San Francisco, Isla San Jose and Bahia La Paz. Are you ready to make your own dreams a reality? Then come join Diana and I. Reserve your dates with us now.

Imagine an unforgettable family vacation sailing, swimming, snorkeling, kayakiflying_ray_blogng, fishing and viewing whales, dolphins, sea lions, whale sharks, rays, turtles and a whole list of notables swimming below and flying above. An experience not to be missed so don’t put it off another year. Use our Contact Us form with your dates and I’ll get back with you with all the particulars so you can secure your dates. After that, all you have to do is book your flights into Cabo San Jose (or into La Paz itself) and pack your bags. We take care of everything else.

Then in February, we mender up to the islands all around Loreto and explore that amazing area through the end of March. You can plan to fly in and out of Loreto direct from LAX and beyond.

And for the more adventurous traveler, we have some Hop-on / Hop-off opportunities too. In Early December Hop-on in Cabo San Lucas and hop-off in La Paz. In early February Hop-on in La Paz and Hop-off in Loreto with the reverse available in late March and early April.

You will be amazed all around at what an INNcredible value vacation adventure we offer available only to a chosen few – you and the next ten groups that secure their dates for winter 2015/16 season now.

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Our Little Lake House overlooks everyday comings and goings

Home for awhile after 5 months aboard our INNcredible Sea Lodge, I immediately become reacquainted with the beauty of our Sierra Foothills surroundings. Complete Mother Goose as nannywith the oak woodlands and pine forests plus our little water feature right out front. And as little as it may be this ‘lake’ is home and stopover to quite a few feathered friends, even an occasional bald eagle. The peaceful entertainment of the comings and goings is quite a delight. One of our residents that we noticed last year doing just the same showed itself again last week back at work as the ‘Nanny’. Old Mother Goose, still pretty and bright white, was in parade with the new Canada Goose family – Ma, Pa and a string of goslings. Ma first, followed by old Mother Goose escorting all those little goslings and Pa keeping a lookout in the rear. Everyday we enjoyed this new family scooting around in its daily routine with Mother Goose as ‘Nanny’.


Then this chilly May morning Diana and I noticed an unusually large white duo floating about. Upon closer look, their long orange beaks came in view. Pelicans? White Pelicans? We’re over 150 miles from the Pacific coast and I have never seen Pelicans here before, let alone white ones. Rush out to my office in the barn to fetch my Cannon rebel with a telephoto lens to do my best to validate what our eyes were seeing. A good thing because the visiting White Pelicans were not here long and took to flight as I was shooting them (pictures that is). Opened up my IPhone bird app called Merlin and entered in the characteristics of what we saw and sure enough these were two ‘uncommon’ American White Pelicans roaming about probably just on a stopover to their more common hunting grounds.White Pelican flying

So even when away from sailing aboard the INNcredible Sea Lodge, this little water feature makes me feel right at home. And feeling at home wherever you are is a good feeling to have and enjoy. Want not for what you don’t have, enjoy each and every day along the way.

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Hop on/Hop off friends not BASHful

Over the 1200 miles commute back to San Pedro from the Sea of Cortez, conditions out in the Pacific occasionally get rough. Heading into the NW wind as they climb beyond the 20 knot range is challenging for us and some of our feathered friends too. And sometimes we’re bashing up against the wind and swells for several days and nights betCaleb holding doveween finding refuge at anchor.  We had some unexpected visitors hop on/hop off as we made Turtle Dove hitching a rideour way up this April.

First visitor was a landlubber by most accounts and what he was doing fluttering about so far offshore we did not know. Landing precariously on the foredeck keeping its distance form us, this member of the Turtle Dove family huddled in the uncomfortable open but at least enjoyed relief from flying into the strong headwind. As time went buy the dove found enough comfort in the situation to move closer and find a little shelter up top. The more we didn’t pay attention to him, the closer in he moved. Pictures were taken but the best one was shot when I was off-watch catching much needed rest by crew member Kathy. Kathy caught Caleb with ‘one in the hand’ making Mr. Turtle Dove feel quite at home. After a day or more riding with us, that ‘one in the hand’ flew off to join others in the bush as land came back into sight.



Then looking for a layover after a tough long run from Turtle Bay past Los Benitos to a hopeful landing in San Qintin, we turned in short to Punta San Carlos just before dawn and dropped our hook laying out plenty of rode so we would hold tight in the big winds and get some long hours of sleep. Upon rising we noticed we had a new hop on feathered friend, bashful as would be expected but not startled enough to go anywhere soon. Interesting little fellow that showed up in my book of birds as a Night Heron. He stuck around resting a day and night while we were at anchor. Then he stayed with us as we weighed anchor and headed north. Where he hopped off I can not say but he Night heron onboardmNight heron hidingust have found the rest he needed and enjoyed his respite in the comfort of the INNcredible Sea Lodge as we all do while bashing up the beautiful Baja coast.


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Young Liam and his Yellowtail

This is a fish story, I won’t deny it; but it’s true from tip to tale.

There were six of us, boats that is, anchors down, hoping we’d hold tight for three days as one of Sea of Cortez’s famous Northerlies blew and blew and blew. Toward the late afternoon of the third day, young Liam and Peter, skipper of the Outrider and Liam’s Dad, set out in their modest dinghy with two visiting little kids. Liam held his small pole out dragging a small shiny gold spoon with a hook attached as Peter motored along. The wind was still blowing, although a little less than earlier, but the choppy wind waves made their going slow and bumpy. Starting from where their pretty red sailboat ‘Outrider’ was anchored tucked up into the north end of the cove (called Ballandra on the western shore of Isla Carmen), the four of them, crowded in the modest dinghy, trolled by the reef at the north, then across the opening looking out at the angry Sea of Cortez, to the reef at the south-side.

Diana and I, cooped up for three days on our INNcredible Sea Lodge, watched both for entertainment and in hopes that they might stop by for a visit. I hadn’t seen them catch any fish but I wasn’t watching continuously either. Then I noticed when they were inside the southern reef that young Liam’s line was straight out as was his pole. Sure enough he must have snagged his lure on an underlying rock because nothing was giving, Liam was just holding on. Skipper Peter drove the dinghy back out toward the reef with seemingly little luck freeing the line. Then I saw it, every boy’s fish dream, Liam had a whopper of a fish pulling the four of them in their dinghy around. That little dinghy had no room for a flip-flopping big fish. Once onboard can you imagine the damage that fish could have done and those poor little kids.

I turned and grabbed my big net and started waving it like a flag, they were too far to yell. Liam saw me and Peter started making way toward me standing at the back transom of our catamaran. Liam was rightfully excited and nervous that he might lose his dream catch. I yelled, “Gaff or net?” Liam yelled, “Gaff” as they got closer. This Big fish seemed abnormally docile being dragged alongside their dinghy but when the dinghy stopped the big one went wild and I couldn’t gaff it. I grabbed my net, which I had positioned right next to me just in case, and held it out ready to catch it on its next swim-by. Got it – barely! Front half in right at the bottom of the steps but I called for Liam to help lift it because I was afraid it might break through the bottom of the net when fully out of the water. Liam and I had it onboard – a 125 cm long Yellowtail weighing at least 50 pounds. That’s over 49 inches for us Americans (last hold-outs to the world’s metric system)

Excitement still running high, everyone included, decisions had to be made and quickly before this yellowtail became a bucking bronco. I offered to clean it for them right her but warned the Dad, Liam & the kids it wouldn’t be pretty, never is. Young Liam wanted pictures, rightfully so, and on his own camera too. Peter unloaded the kids with us and sped back to his Outrider for the camera.Liam's yellowtail

Meanwhile as Liam held his rod and tail and I the net I started bludgeoning this sweet old yellowtail with my billy-bat. Trying to send it to fish heaven as quick as I could, I swacked it a dozen times or more, each one pinging like my aluminum bat was hitting a rock – his head. Today, the next day as I write this, my elbow is in pain from the pounding. And me a vegetarian not use to having to kill for my dinner. The little kids stood back but by as the overt death of a beautiful big fish took place – traumatized.

Peter returned in the dinghy but with two more adults, the two little kids’ parents. But our boat was rocking and their dinghy bouncing in the chop but not in sync. They called out for help. Compelled to help but forgetting I had my hands full holding the handle of the net with the Big Yellowtail inside, I took a step down the transom, slipped and was headed for the Sea of Cortez with net in hand, fish in net and sure to lose all turning this into a real fish story – one with no evidence. Falling, I caught my own dinghy hanging on its davits and defied disaster. They were on their own in their dinghy as I refused further assistance and just focused on holding the yellowtail. Liam almost lost his tongue as he gulped a deep breath while I was falling.

Back to business, Liam held up the big yellowtail, pictures were taken, emotions were shared, the events were relived over and over again as I cut and filleted young Liam’s dream catch of the day.

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Called the World’s Aquarium -the Sea of Cortez 2015

swimming with whale shark off El Magote
swimming with whale shark off El Magote
sea turtle close up in Bahia La Paz

sea turtle close up in Bahia La Paz

The INNcredible Sea Lodge has been exploring the Bahia La Paz and its nearby islas for the past two months with so much water passing under our bow that I couldn’t possibly share all the INNcredible experiences with you. I can say that all of your senses become saturated with nature’s beauty and yet remain at high alert for those close encounters waiting to appear when you least expect it. Some we know where they are, some we look for, some we hope for but all are a welcome surprise whenever they appear.

Imagine leaving your day to day routine completely behind with no way to connect even if you wanted. No virtual distractions, everything is utterly real here. From dawn’s light, the light brings the landscape of earth and sea to life all through the day. The sunset reveals a potpourri of colors that lingers long within the cloak of darkness. Yet the darkness has its own light so bright, so immense with that of an unspoiled sky. The light of certain stars and planets are so bright they cast their beam of light across the sea as if they were so nearby. Before long you realize that your senses are so mesmerized with light’s dance that you don’t even think nor feel the need for or loss of being connected to your virtual reality of your everyday life. Now that’s a real vacation.

The photos shared show our close encounters with whale sharks, a pod of short-finned pilot whales and the ever elusive sea turtles.

short-finned Pilot whale in the San Lorenzo Channel

short-finned Pilot whale in the San Lorenzo Channel

Diana and I head north in the Sea of Cortez to explore the way to Loreto, its nearby islas and Bahia Concepcion. You’re invited but dates are limited so you can text me at 530-651-3890 or email between now and February 1 while we are connected to your virtual reality.. Afterwards we’ll be drifting in and out, mostly out into that Dance described above.

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Your Dream Vacation/Adventure demands your attention Now!

Captain Fitzwine and The INNcredible Sea Lodge will round Land’s End in early December and be ready for guests exploring the Sea of Cortez starting December 15th and we have availability from  12/15  through the holidays and beyond. Baja California Sur’s capital La Paz, the city of Peace, will be our hop-on/hop-off location December/January/February. Join us for 5 or more days to explore warm waters of the Sea of Cortez with its many anchorages including Isla Espiritu Santu. Our luxury catamaran can accommodate up to 6 guests in three private cabins each with private bathroom. So gather your best friends or family and create your Dream Vacation/Adventure aboard the INNcredible Sea Lodge. We’re ready to work with you to customize every aspect of your charter. Actively participate or leave everything to us, your choice both during planning and during your charter and you’ll be surprised at what a great value we can deliver.

Only one thing stands between you and your Dream vacation/Adventure – your attention now. First step, book your dates. Second step, book your flights in/out of La Paz or Cabo San Jose (realize La Paz is three hours away from Cabo San Jose) and if your available flights demand adjusting your charter dates, we’ll make that work. You can add a night onboard on each end of your trip while at dock to make your travel plans flow with ease. Third step, share with us your dream and needs and we’ll plan accordingly and be ready when you arrive. Fourth step, Welcome Aboard!

So your attention now will assure you the dates you most desire. Email us at

Then in late February we move north in the Sea of Cortez to Loreto to explore those waters during the month of March. So that transition 7-10 day trip La Paz to Loreto will be an exciting one-way adventure and at the end of March the reverse sail 10+ days south Loretro to La Paz and on to Cabo San Jose/Lucas will offer a never-before offered  grand adventure. In between we’ll be criss-crossing the anchorages all around Loreto.

Then the ultimate journey, the Baja Bash, back up the Pacific coast will be reserved for fellow salty dogs who appreciate the peace and solitude of becoming one with the ocean and all her living things.

As you can see, your opportunities are many, seize your moment, live your dream.

Amazing anchorages

Amazing places to anchor in the Sea of Cortez


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What’s INNcredible in 2014 / 2015 has been updated

With a little patience and the Captain's watchful eye, there a place where the Whale Sharks swim right by.

With a little patience and the Captain’s watchful eye, there a place where the Whale Sharks swim right by.

Indulge in a close encounter with a sea lion colony - jump in and see what they see snorkeling

Indulge in a close encounter with a sea lion colony – jump in and see what they see snorkeling

Amazing sunsets before our tuckered out guests call it a day – an amazing day!

The vision for What’s INNcredible in the upcoming months is taking shape. Folks are inquiring, gathering their friends or family together, and making plans for their adventure vacation on the INNcredible Sea Lodge. There are so many opportunities coming up for you to join us and you’ll find an outline on the website under What’s INNcredible in 2014. I just updated the text today. You will be pleasantly surprised what a great value a vacation aboard the INNcredible Sea Lodge can be.

Drop me an email with your dates and thoughts so we can get crackin’ making plans customized fresh just for you.

Amazing places to anchor in the Sea of Cortez

Amazing places to anchor in the Sea of Cortez

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Catch the Last of Summer’s warm waters in Catalina

This year’s water is exceptionally warm in the 70s which makes for comfortable swimming and snorkeling and excellent fishing. The warm water has brought the Yellowtail and Dorado right into the channel and the fishing boats are posting catches of amazing numbers of tuna too. How about a short but sweet three day adventure out and back (fishing each way) to Catalina, spending two nights at anchor after fun-filled days  of either total relaxation or total adventure – your choice.

So if you’ve been putting off contacting me to join us, don’t delay, I’m not a mind reader.  contact:

That’s right now through October because by mid-November the INNcredible Sea Lodge makes way for the downhill run towards Land’s End.

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What’s INNcredible for 2014?

Well, exploring the Sea of Cortez this winter has, is and will be one that has touched all the senses in a backdrop that has no rival. For those of you that have and will be joining us, you’ll agree the experience is truly INNcredible. But like all things our time here will come to an end as we set sail from La Paz March 4th down the East Cap to Cabo San Jose where we can take on several guests for the extended journey ‘Running with the Whales’ back up the Pacific Coast all the way to SoCal by March’s end.

(CONTACT US asap if you want to join us)

Once updates and repairs are done in Marina Del Rey, we will settle in San Pedro to prepare the INNcredible Sea Lodge for 6 months of exploration opportunities of the Catalina and the Channel Islands. We invite all interests and fellow adventurers to join us for one or more of the many trips to this archipelago each month.

KAYAKING – Be creative, as the INNcredible Sea Lodge is well suited to host explorations and adventures of many types. For instance gather your friends who kayak and consider the INNcredible Sea Lodge as your home and platform to discover the islands as only kayaks can. We can work with you to customize that once in a lifetime adventure of 5 – 7 or more days.

SURFING – Imagine you and your surfing buddies hopping on board with all your gear and sailing off to catch waves that you and you alone will ride. We will prepare excellent wholesome meals, you’ll have plenty of room to relax and socialize, then rest up ready the next day to discover another break or stay put for more of the same. There are three private rooms each suitable for two. Plan 3 – 5 or more days and we’ll help customize for all your needs.

DIVING – We’re not a dive boat, but the INNcredible Sea Lodge can provide an uncommonly comfortable platform for an adventure which you can customize to include time for your own recreational diving. With a compressor onboard you can fill a handful of tanks each day. But most important, you’ll enjoy the comfort out of the water as much as the excitement down under. Plan 3 – 5 or more days and let’s talk about the details.

FISHING – No, we’re not a fishing boat, but if you have a current license and want to fish, why not? On the way in and out to the islands and wherever it’s legal, the INNcredible Sea Lodge can get up to good trolling speeds and/or hover for bottom fishing. It’s your private adventure so a little planning is all it takes to create your INNcredible adventure.

ADVENTURES, EXPLORATIONS – There really is little limit to what the possibilities are. Create a theme from one of the above or mix it up a little. Or just bring binoculars, cameras and hiking boots let’s look at the guide books and maps and plot and plan your adventure. Remember we have three private rooms and although shorter trips are possible plan 3 -5 or more days for your best value for your investment of both time and money.

Celebrating a birthday, some special event in your life?

Need a platform to have a meeting where you can think out of the box?

Maybe you just want to experience a cruising catamaran for the first time?

Maybe your dream for the future includes just such a catamaran?

Family Reunion?

A romantic getaway?

And let us not forget you could just go sailing!

Don’t let me limit your ideas of what the INNcredible Sea Lodge could do for you.

Go to CONTACT US on to let me know what and when

First Step – as with any plan, book your dates (of course that’s after you have a basic plan and have talked the idea over with all those joining in)

Second Step – share with me your goals and needs for your adventure so we can delegate and prepare for the adventure. Remember every adventure is customized fresh, not out of a can.

Third Step – All aboard!


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A Call to Action All Men and Women of the Cloth

Attention Men (and Women) of the Cloth. Captain Fitzwine (aka Brian) of the INNcredible Sea Lodge posts a Call for Action for the Running with the Whales in March 2014.
P1000233INNcredible view of sea cave half
Starting March 4th the INNcredible Sea Lodge (ISL) sets sail from La Paz to start the journey from Baja California Sur up to Southern California. Another starting point would be on March 8th from Cabo San Jose (site of Cabo San Lucas International Airport). From there we round Land’s End head north stopping in Mag Bay, Bahia Santa Maria, Abreojos and Laguna San Ignacio, Asuncion, Turtle Bay, Isla Cedros or Benitos, Isla San Martin, Punta Colnett – all possibilities depending on the direction and intensity of the winds and ocean swells. Clearing out in Ensenada is mandatory and may become a couple day stopover – Last chance to stock up on your drug of choice at discount prices.Way up there Whale

All the while fishing to eat, whale watching as well as all ocean wildlife to enjoy and capture on camera add to the adventure of making way on a sailing catamaran out in the Pacific. I don’t want to over sell the experience but I hope those self-chosen few can visualize the adventure accurately – an indelible marker in ones repertoire of life experiences.
Playa Bonanza landing half
Crossing back into US waters, San Diego is our point of entry. From there time permitting a stop over in Two Harbors, Catalina Island before a short layover in Marina Del Rey. The final resting place in SoCal has yet to be determined.

If this Call to Action has your name on it and you’re healthy and of sound mind contact me by text 530-651-3890 or via email at

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