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What’s INNcredible for 2014?

Well, exploring the Sea of Cortez this winter has, is and will be one that has touched all the senses in a backdrop that has no rival. For those of you that have and will be joining us, you’ll agree the experience is truly INNcredible. But like all things our time here will come to an end as we set sail from La Paz March 4th down the East Cap to Cabo San Jose where we can take on several guests for the extended journey ‘Running with the Whales’ back up the Pacific Coast all the way to SoCal by March’s end.

(CONTACT US asap if you want to join us)

Once updates and repairs are done in Marina Del Rey, we will settle in San Pedro to prepare the INNcredible Sea Lodge for 6 months of exploration opportunities of the Catalina and the Channel Islands. We invite all interests and fellow adventurers to join us for one or more of the many trips to this archipelago each month.

KAYAKING – Be creative, as the INNcredible Sea Lodge is well suited to host explorations and adventures of many types. For instance gather your friends who kayak and consider the INNcredible Sea Lodge as your home and platform to discover the islands as only kayaks can. We can work with you to customize that once in a lifetime adventure of 5 – 7 or more days.

SURFING – Imagine you and your surfing buddies hopping on board with all your gear and sailing off to catch waves that you and you alone will ride. We will prepare excellent wholesome meals, you’ll have plenty of room to relax and socialize, then rest up ready the next day to discover another break or stay put for more of the same. There are three private rooms each suitable for two. Plan 3 – 5 or more days and we’ll help customize for all your needs.

DIVING – We’re not a dive boat, but the INNcredible Sea Lodge can provide an uncommonly comfortable platform for an adventure which you can customize to include time for your own recreational diving. With a compressor onboard you can fill a handful of tanks each day. But most important, you’ll enjoy the comfort out of the water as much as the excitement down under. Plan 3 – 5 or more days and let’s talk about the details.

FISHING – No, we’re not a fishing boat, but if you have a current license and want to fish, why not? On the way in and out to the islands and wherever it’s legal, the INNcredible Sea Lodge can get up to good trolling speeds and/or hover for bottom fishing. It’s your private adventure so a little planning is all it takes to create your INNcredible adventure.

ADVENTURES, EXPLORATIONS – There really is little limit to what the possibilities are. Create a theme from one of the above or mix it up a little. Or just bring binoculars, cameras and hiking boots let’s look at the guide books and maps and plot and plan your adventure. Remember we have three private rooms and although shorter trips are possible plan 3 -5 or more days for your best value for your investment of both time and money.

Celebrating a birthday, some special event in your life?

Need a platform to have a meeting where you can think out of the box?

Maybe you just want to experience a cruising catamaran for the first time?

Maybe your dream for the future includes just such a catamaran?

Family Reunion?

A romantic getaway?

And let us not forget you could just go sailing!

Don’t let me limit your ideas of what the INNcredible Sea Lodge could do for you.

Go to CONTACT US on to let me know what and when

First Step – as with any plan, book your dates (of course that’s after you have a basic plan and have talked the idea over with all those joining in)

Second Step – share with me your goals and needs for your adventure so we can delegate and prepare for the adventure. Remember every adventure is customized fresh, not out of a can.

Third Step – All aboard!


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