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INNcredible Adventures await you in the Sea of Cortez 2016/2017

Inncredible Sea Lodge

you’re home wherever you are – it’s INNcredible!

INNcredible adventures await you in the Sea of Cortez. I know. I keep going back now for the fifth year. And you are welcome to join us from December 2016 through early April 2017 as we explore the waters, the islands, the fishing villages and the historic towns of La Paz and Loreto. With our eyes out watching for whales, dolphins, turtles, rays, whale sharks, etc., we witness what Jacques Cousteau called the World’s Aquarium. Witness that and the magic below snorkeling close up, kayaking or even diving. The water clarity is amazing. As we sail/motor along, the fishing lines are always out. If we’re not so lucky that day, we’ll solicit a local fisherman for the catch of the day. Nevertheless we always start our trips with fresh provisions from the farmers market and local purveyors. We eat like kings aboard the INNcredible Sea Lodge.
To get your exercise and enhance your adventure, you may want to stretch your legs on land hiking the unique coastal desert landscape. Kayaking can tone those muscles and offer some great shoreline encounters. Simply swimming open water laps or hours of discovery snorkeling will give you that feel-good exercise and adventure all in one. After that or anytime, our catamaran offers many places to sit and relax and just stare off and absorb the unique majesty of the Sierra Gigante and the stark beauty of the desert that touches the sea. And good thing you don’t need film anymore because you’ll be clicking plenty of photos along the way.
In your group of family or friends the idea of a perfect adventure vacation is an individual thing. When you’re not inclined to be active, you can choose to relax, take a nap, snuggle up to a good read, lie in the sun or enjoy refreshments in solitude. You’ll have no worries. We provision, we do the cooking, the cleaning, the boat thing and you need do nothing. How’s that for the busy modern day parent/professional. You’ll be unplugged much of the time, that’s just the way it is out there. That’s a beautiful thing, I promise. You’ll get used to it and rediscover how to appreciate that freedom. If absolutely necessary there are ways to stay connected and we can discuss that ahead of the trip.
Fill your 3 cabins with either family or friends. Each cabin has a double bed and private bathroom. You’re welcome to have a total of 6 people onboard. Our floating B&B delivers the whole package and for a price that will surprise you. That’s because we love what we do and are happy to share our dream life with you.
Our schedule has room for you from December 15th through January 25th out of La Paz, then from February 13th through early April out of Loreto. Even Christmas break is wide open for that lucky family or friends, so sieze the opportunity NOW.
This is the TIME to SECURE your DATES with us so we can plan together an INNcredible adventure vacation, that will recharge your batteries both physically, emotionally and spiritually, and create a lasting wonderful memory to share for a lifetime. As a fair warning, don’t take for granted that I’ll be in the Sea of Cortez again in 2018, maybe, but then again we may be off to the South Pacific.

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