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There’s No Place Like Home


Sitting snuggled up to a good book in your favorite chair enjoying the warmth of a wood fire, all is quiet inside and out. Four walls and a roof over your head on solid ground, you’re at peace in your house of many years, secure in your surroundings in whatever the weather.

All of a sudden there’s rustling outside, followed up quickly by the sound that you can’t find the words to described but it feels like a freight train is on its way right for you. Boom! You’re thrust back deeper in your chair and it feels like you are arcing to the left. Startled, your senses heighten as you wonder what the hell just happened. After a short calm you find no need to get up and look outside. Flipping the page as if to begin reading again, you can’t believe your ears. Here it comes again seemingly with even more intensity. The sound is now that of the Banshees in ‘Darby O’Gill and the Little People’ and the wind is blowing up everything and especially anything not nailed down. That indescribable freight train feeling is headed your way again with even more fury. The sudden Boom that pounds into the house thrusts not just you in your chair but the whole house goes into a spin, this time arcing to the right.

You may think you’re dreaming but when you wake that reality is right there front and center. Now you get up from your cozy chair and head over to the window. Not as easy as you remember, the solid ground below is now rocking, thrusting you one way then another. You make it to the window bracing yourself on anything and everything as you go. Holy shit! You don’t recognize what you see. Actually there’s some familiar features but it all turned around. Splashes? You hear splashes? You wobble your way to the door and open it. The wind almost knocks you over. What the fuck?

Hey man, no worries, you’re on a boat, not just any – the INNcredible Sea Lodge.

No worries is a good idea but if that’s not you there’s plenty to worry about. Ask Diana.

Imagine all that you take for granted that builds that sense of security in your house on dry land. I know most of you aren’t going anywhere, let alone setting foot on a boat out in the deep blue sea. I’ve spent about 7 months each year for the past 8 years living on liquid, bobbing around on both oceans and seas. Diana flys in and joins me in the Sea for about 5 months each year. I am grateful and know, near everyday, that Diana misses her solid ground.

Our boat, a 46 foot long by 26 foot wide catamaran, is the envy of most boaters if only in the sense that it is a more stable platform. I agree. I came to that conclusion early on before I bought my boat. But we all share living on floating ground, vulnerable to whatever Mother Nature and then Old Man of the Sea need to work out each day.

I share this as I’m on the hook in a North wind in the Sea of Cortez after the most gorgeous picture perfect day in beautiful Aqua Verde. Oh yes, conditions can change rapidly and when you live on liquid you know right away. Every few days or so we move our house to another majestic anchorage. And each time we are just hanging on by a hook and a chain, spinning around, feeling cozy and most of the time secure. Imagine that. Have you checked your anchor lately?

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